Nov 25, 2010


Brian Bowen Smith  and his unique style that you'll see in each of his works. I fell inlove with these shots. Bravo :)


Nov 21, 2010


 Extremely new kind of outfit for me, so please lets be charitable :D
  • pants Zara
  •  long sleeve shirt Zara
  •  jacket H&M
I'm definetely fell in love with this shirt from zara because I'm kind of addicted to checked shirts. However, my bff always forbid me to buy these shirts because right now I have too many so say no more! :D

Nov 20, 2010

Ivory beauty

I didn't expect that it would be such a nice and lovely day. It was a little bit cold to stand there without my coat  but anyway, good bunch of photos. I'm wearing: 
  • print scarf from Primark,
  • creamy blouse H&M,
  • my favorites at the moment, aviators Ray Ban,
  • high-wasted shorts form Topshop and
  • ivory white wedges from New look.

Zenit and favorites

Last year my grand-aunt gave me one interestig thing, which i thought means a lot to her. It was old membranous photocamera zenit. First thought was like what i'll do with this? I'm not a proffesioanl photographer and i've never tried this before, but she said that this camera belonged to her father. He get this for military merits from his cammander or someone. Moreover, it was engraved. It was such a big honor to take this photocamera and right now it became an obsession to me. Here are some of my favorite photos.


Why does weather have this extremely big influence to your mood? I've wondered about that. It's so dull right now, that I just dont want to get up and start to break things up :D Starving...oh and btw we have a photoshoot for lb today! So so excited :)