Mar 31, 2011

Naughty spirit: Freja Beha Erichsen

This Danish gorgeous absolutely keep me breathless. I have no idea, how this butch-faced female remain so incredibly charming. Her face and body has such a hypnityzed femininity courtesy even though you cannot get it from the first glimpse. Like a naughty spirit of rock and roll, she stands on the runway in the Haute couture.   I came her acros a year ago, when I first saw her picture with the familiar tattoo which you may know. The word "float" show off on her left side of her neck. Ofcourse I didn't notice her name and a few weeks ago, browsing through a new issue of Vogue, my eyes cought a beautiful face and I'm truly fell in love! Here are some photos of the beautiful muse of me and the current muse of Karl Lagerfeld.

Mar 26, 2011


 Thumbs up if you would rather see astonishingly classy "Devil wears Prada" instead of something criminal or action movie fully filled with gangsters shooting from theirs chrome guns and illegal packs of cocaine. Ofcourse you do. But you would definitely change your mind, knowing that behind all the criminal stuff is hiding  glorious and fairy love.

The notion of love is formed early on in our childhood, but the point is that there are too many "cliches" about it. All thoughts and opinions that society want to push under the pressure in our mind "thereby" trying to protect us from the degradation and immorality, but who knows what this kind of treatment or education may lead to. I mean, if a beautiful feeling came up, who cares of circumstances. Don't matter straight, gay or bi, thanks gaga for such an anthem b the way :D Who cares of age difference or who cares of the moral representation. Just who cares? All this ocean of questions I'm asking you, to show that the notion of love is oversimplified in terms of sexual representation and platonic love between male and female. Damn, I think I'm wandering from the point too much, but you see, this film touched a nerve.

It is possible to notice that main components of a cinematography masterpiece is quite common. Hire some holly good actors like Gary Oldman and Jean Reno. I can pray on them and bow down to my knees. Their performence has such an enormous mesmerizing effect. Well, second component may be more nerve-racking but still successful. You can hardly recognize the young girly Natalie, future prima ballerina and owner of the golden statuette. From the first frame you will fall in love with this loveable cutie so did Leon, but in the way of acting, she stayed on the top. The third component is a good mixture of love, intelligence and action. This slick part may insure the success.

Honestly, after reading a few reviews I start to watch it and that I couldn't imagine that all what I see it's true. This innocent girl in the blossom of her youth. I would guess her age at 12. And the lonely, mature cleaner( killer in the cramp gangster world of Brooklyn) whos the only friend is a small plant in an old, bricky pot. After the terrible accident full of cocaine and Gary Oldman' band, the whole family of the young lady passed away so there was the only alternative of knocking on the door to her neighbour Leon and stay with him for the rest of her life. For Leon this girl popped in like a bright sunlight full of honest, joy and innocence and I can say for sure that his world has utterly winced. Love doesn't know any barriers and this film is an extensive proove of this theory.

Saturated colours of love and care are smoothly combined with cruelty and evil around us. This film became such an inspiration for me and expanded my personal film gallery. 10/10

Mar 13, 2011

New beginning without camera

Things are changing every single day, so I decided to go on with blogging and you know whatever that i have 2 followers and one of them is a strange guy with kinda russian style icon, which I'm a bit afraid of :D but really, it doesnt matter , because the most important follower is there. Jenn if you are reading this, you know how much i appreciate and admire you and someday we will reach for the sky whatever it takes. I always be there with you and I think that you too. :)
Anyways, it was sort of a new beginning and maybe quite successful, who knows. Right now honestly, I dont know where I stand and it's pretty depressing. But there always will be a new day with brand new ideas and new beginnings. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera in Riga, so I cannot take photos of myself and my daily routine, but okay, its not a big deal :D

Yesterday, we were trying different types of make up, using eyeliner and eye shadows but mostly eyeliner. It was a new experience in the perception of the high fashion looks. Firstly it was a bit scary to put this kind of make up because you always think that its not appropriate but then you understand that its high fashion, baby :D