Mar 13, 2011

New beginning without camera

Things are changing every single day, so I decided to go on with blogging and you know whatever that i have 2 followers and one of them is a strange guy with kinda russian style icon, which I'm a bit afraid of :D but really, it doesnt matter , because the most important follower is there. Jenn if you are reading this, you know how much i appreciate and admire you and someday we will reach for the sky whatever it takes. I always be there with you and I think that you too. :)
Anyways, it was sort of a new beginning and maybe quite successful, who knows. Right now honestly, I dont know where I stand and it's pretty depressing. But there always will be a new day with brand new ideas and new beginnings. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera in Riga, so I cannot take photos of myself and my daily routine, but okay, its not a big deal :D

Yesterday, we were trying different types of make up, using eyeliner and eye shadows but mostly eyeliner. It was a new experience in the perception of the high fashion looks. Firstly it was a bit scary to put this kind of make up because you always think that its not appropriate but then you understand that its high fashion, baby :D

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