Apr 21, 2011

Glorious week in Riga

There is no place like home, beyond controversy! My holidays are on a half-way, but who cares. One and a half week can last endlessly if you can allocate your time legibly. The whole previous week I spent in Riga, my second home, and I can surely say that this was awesome. I've done almost everything I planned and lets be honest, it's a big success for me! :) Hopefully, my parents decided to go to Riga again a week from now, in order to finish everything that I've missed. My school stands still on the same place, but every nostalgia is going  away and in my case it's not an exception. Lovely friends, brother, latvian food products, ballet, theatre, riga's cinema, a lot of fun and relief.... Here are some photos below.

My big suitcase with obvious overweight. :D

There was a great amusement park for the first time in recent years. I took hazards, riding the most freaking horrible attraction in my life! Unfortunately, I dont have a good photo of it.

We went to the cinema to see Sucker Punch. I'm pretty impressed with soundtracks and the cover of sweet dreams absolutely convulsed me. 

 One of the best breakfast ever in my entire life. What could be better than a pack of daugavas milk and fruit salad with nuts and yoghurt!!

Our National opera and ballet house. 

 She is a goddess!! :D

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