Apr 19, 2011

Sweet as that!

I love sweets. It's a holy confession, but lets be honest, who doesn't? It gives you a succour in everything, where you have a lack of strength or power. Basically, put a small strawberry candy in your mouth and you will get a pack of energy when your spirits are low. A pretty coincidence, when I've opened a new issue of british vogue and found a good article about sweet rush. It's not a discovery that many designers try to indulge fashionistas in delicious variations on a sugary themes.

Alexander Wang





And to make this more sugary, just take a look at the heavenly empyreal dessert that I've made on my previous holidays back at home. The recipe is kid's stuff, just dump everything sweet with that you have in your house, put a crazy amount of chocolate syrup and ice cream and voila!! :)

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