Apr 23, 2011

Watercolours rush. Part 1

Guess what, the watercolour rush came up to me and in such a manner a new pastime blew in. A few days I was fully into a drawing by this crazy and insane form of colouring in a literal sense. Accordingly, I will use everything that I've done in my graphic design'project for the original poster of my footwear brand! All these random spots are extremely spontaneous and messy, generally as the watercolours are in itself. :) But this is not the end! This colour wash came not only in my routie, but also owned a place in fashion and haute couture and I'll talk later about this, all in good time. :) For the nonce, here is my work flow in pictures.

My favourites. 

Why there is no place for own kitchen in uk? I wish I could eat that for dinner every day!

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