May 31, 2011

A la perfection.

Buon giorno! It's sunny in Italy. Wispy breeze is playing in my hair and I feel so happy right now. I'm deeply in love with this terrific native land of art, consummate taste and style. Therefore, the impression of that trip was smacked right on the way to Italy. It's such a big shame to avoid a tiny shopping in the airpot so at this time my eyes were caught by a special edition of Vogue Paris. The whole selection of fall/winter 2011 collection from Paris, Milan, London and New York. No matter what the price was, I was definitely sure, that I couldn't miss a chance to get this magazine into my hands. Literally, my flight reduced pretty much, because I was fully soaked in reading this. Okay, I know, you can find almost everythig on etc, but there is no doubt, that having all of this right in your posession is much much better. Maybe later I will post a small review of this, because it's a nonsense not to show you this great obtainment.
  But at the moment I sware, I will eat spaghetti and pizzas with seafood as much as I can hold, for you guys! :D The internet here is dreadful, but anyways I hope I will have a few minutes to post some other photos.  And again, send you a big sweet hello from Italia. :)


May 21, 2011

Craving coral

It's hard to imagine a simple saturday without being out in the city centre to get the vibes of weekends. I've found a good discovery. This coral lipstick from yves saint laurant on me is so freaking wanted. Right now it's only a tester but I really really hope that there will be the one in airport duty free, where I'll be on the next week to swan off to Italy. Laidback and wispy weather didn't make difference to me and from the first glance it may seems that my look is quiet heavy for 25 degrees, but I can surely say, that this black maxi dress is the wispiest thing that I've ever tried. The leather jacket, that was on the way to the dust bin experienced the successful reincarnation and this brown camisole from topshop which I've put on over the dress. And last but not least, my new heels from topshop which I absolutely adore and fell in love with. Honestly, I thought that at least one week I would try to get used to them, but can you believe this, I can easily walk on them after the first steps. Bravo topshop and me ofcourse :D By the way, lady gaga revealed her new album a few days earlier and guess what, it's on my computer at the moment. A few songs are simply startling and thumbs up for a spanish rebel "Americano"! I took a fancy of that song from the first  chords. 

Sitting on the bench with frappuccinos. What can be better? Oh yes, "Black and gold" sounding from nowhere. A few minutes of ideality.

This photo seems so editorial to me. Pose. Click. :D

May 18, 2011

Good transformers


It's time to add some fresh blowing into my wardrobe and these three dresses are simply a jackpot. Lemon striped midi dress is a good natural approach for the classy look. The yellow which I was craving for a long time finally arrived into my hands and a pair of black squared-heel shoes which I've bought in Topshop will absolutely fit this tout ensemble. Does anybody have an idea of the most comfortable things in the entire world. Welcome on the stage, maxi dresses, an ideal transformer which you can briefly combine with almost everything. And again stripes, stripes, stripes. Maybe I am still too impressed by the Prada s/s 11 collection, who knows. This new issue of UK Vogue with Alexa Chung on the cover seems to be summer chic as it says on the front and I'm waiting for a few free minutes to flip through the pages of this new buy.

Also take a look at my new works that I've done quite a long time ago. I'm starting to mix some mediums like watercolours and black ink. And please let's be charitable!


Chic minimalistic! Another pair of black shammy shoes. I think I will find something slightly different next time. :D

May 17, 2011


Do you know a few simple rules to transform your birthday into a joyful ride, a perfect day imbedded in your memory for a long long time? Well, I should say, I know. :) The 14th of may was supposed to be glorious and it just happened that we proved that the old-established belief is not true. If you are tracing a plan for a perfect day it's not always running to waste. Generally speaking, raise your glass to my lovely soulmate, stunning new-face model, gorgeous fashionista, as well as my best friend forever. The 17th birthday is not a simple one, as you thought, Zhenya ;) The beautiful sense of cool and sunny weather played into the hands and we indulged ourselfs in walking down the Brighton. There was no doubt about getting a train ticket to this beloved resort city by the sea full of adventures. I don't have an idea how to recall everything that we have experienced, but many of the splashy moments are on the photos below. We've dropped by to the American Apparel, Zara and Urban Outfitters and again is there someone who can borrow some money for me. I'm getting so confused when I found not having enough money for the astonishingly cool camel maxi skirt in the American Apparel and hell no for a bunch of classy outfits from the temple of high street fashion. However, it's not the end of the world. Zhenya bought some of the great stuff. White tailored blazer, stunning colar back neckline dress, brown city bag and striped top, it's a great combination which may rise your mood barometer sky-high. Anyway, there will be no excuse for me if I would forget of my present and ofcourse our fancy dinner in the french restaurant  Brasserie Blanc.Hope, that you will remember that day for the long time, sweetheart and yeah, I'm not so excited about Azerbaijan winning the Eurovision. I would definitely vote for Sweden indeed. :D

The American Apparel is a heaven for the earth people as we are for the nonce. :)


I'm craving for the pair of tangerine pants at the moment as well as cobalt blue skirt.

We are who we are. Pure coincidence. :)

A small part of my present.  The Dior nailpolish from the new summer collection of electric tropics.