May 21, 2011

Craving coral

It's hard to imagine a simple saturday without being out in the city centre to get the vibes of weekends. I've found a good discovery. This coral lipstick from yves saint laurant on me is so freaking wanted. Right now it's only a tester but I really really hope that there will be the one in airport duty free, where I'll be on the next week to swan off to Italy. Laidback and wispy weather didn't make difference to me and from the first glance it may seems that my look is quiet heavy for 25 degrees, but I can surely say, that this black maxi dress is the wispiest thing that I've ever tried. The leather jacket, that was on the way to the dust bin experienced the successful reincarnation and this brown camisole from topshop which I've put on over the dress. And last but not least, my new heels from topshop which I absolutely adore and fell in love with. Honestly, I thought that at least one week I would try to get used to them, but can you believe this, I can easily walk on them after the first steps. Bravo topshop and me ofcourse :D By the way, lady gaga revealed her new album a few days earlier and guess what, it's on my computer at the moment. A few songs are simply startling and thumbs up for a spanish rebel "Americano"! I took a fancy of that song from the first  chords. 

Sitting on the bench with frappuccinos. What can be better? Oh yes, "Black and gold" sounding from nowhere. A few minutes of ideality.

This photo seems so editorial to me. Pose. Click. :D


  1. these days are making our life pretty outstanding))) Only my "broken" neck disturbs a bit ;DDD

  2. Такая взрослая уже!!!(h)<3<333333 а помада и правда волшебная!!! +1 к моему (собственному) списку подарков на день рождение:D

    Girls!!! You are soooo gorgeous!!!

  3. oh katj! ochenj prijatno eto slishat ot tebj!!! <3 a pomada eto prosto skazka. tam v obshem to i drugie klassnie cveta bili, no eto bolee dlja nas, brunetok :DD

  4. i was looking through you blog and thinking, wow this is one of those with a gazillion readers.. but OMG, YOU ONLY HAVE 9!!! there must be a mistake here, cause you guys are GREAT... im intreaged and im inspired.. and yay im your 10th reader.. i hope you get lots and lots more, you deserve it! :)
    stay stylish ! ;)
    <3 Nanna

  5. Raya thank you sweetheart! xx

    Nanna- omg you can't even realise how much i'm triilled by your words. Yeah i know that the amount of readers leaves much to be desired but I only started to keep a blog here. Again, big big thank you for such an infusive comment! <3