May 2, 2011

Fancy that! I'm back from my holidays. These four weeks were utterly fabulous in a literal sense and going back to england wasn't a glorious moment. Anyways, the exams are in the near future but I don't give a damn. The weather is carrying away all worries, keeping inspiring with intensity of colour and mesmerizing smell of summer. Here is the selection of photos from today, including chanel lip gloss, topshop dressing room and extremely sweet strawberry only for 50 p :D

Glossy fancier:
h&m wicky black blazer, vintage sleeveless shirt, h&m printed pants, topshop wedges



  1. I just loooove the wedges and pants!!!!

  2. Weather is the main problem now :D Btw I like your pictures, they make me wanna be there, in England

  3. Gorgeous style, gorgeous girls! And London!!!