May 18, 2011

Good transformers


It's time to add some fresh blowing into my wardrobe and these three dresses are simply a jackpot. Lemon striped midi dress is a good natural approach for the classy look. The yellow which I was craving for a long time finally arrived into my hands and a pair of black squared-heel shoes which I've bought in Topshop will absolutely fit this tout ensemble. Does anybody have an idea of the most comfortable things in the entire world. Welcome on the stage, maxi dresses, an ideal transformer which you can briefly combine with almost everything. And again stripes, stripes, stripes. Maybe I am still too impressed by the Prada s/s 11 collection, who knows. This new issue of UK Vogue with Alexa Chung on the cover seems to be summer chic as it says on the front and I'm waiting for a few free minutes to flip through the pages of this new buy.

Also take a look at my new works that I've done quite a long time ago. I'm starting to mix some mediums like watercolours and black ink. And please let's be charitable!


Chic minimalistic! Another pair of black shammy shoes. I think I will find something slightly different next time. :D

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