May 31, 2011

A la perfection.

Buon giorno! It's sunny in Italy. Wispy breeze is playing in my hair and I feel so happy right now. I'm deeply in love with this terrific native land of art, consummate taste and style. Therefore, the impression of that trip was smacked right on the way to Italy. It's such a big shame to avoid a tiny shopping in the airpot so at this time my eyes were caught by a special edition of Vogue Paris. The whole selection of fall/winter 2011 collection from Paris, Milan, London and New York. No matter what the price was, I was definitely sure, that I couldn't miss a chance to get this magazine into my hands. Literally, my flight reduced pretty much, because I was fully soaked in reading this. Okay, I know, you can find almost everythig on etc, but there is no doubt, that having all of this right in your posession is much much better. Maybe later I will post a small review of this, because it's a nonsense not to show you this great obtainment.
  But at the moment I sware, I will eat spaghetti and pizzas with seafood as much as I can hold, for you guys! :D The internet here is dreadful, but anyways I hope I will have a few minutes to post some other photos.  And again, send you a big sweet hello from Italia. :)