May 13, 2011

Raspberry tart etc

It's never too late to speak of something particular. Beautiful things are always fitting, even if they are from the past week. :D You just have to take a glance at the savoury raspberry tart that we've had a taste of in a new cafe or the orange vanity bag which we've suddenly come across in the River Island. Guess what, the orange clash is aiming for a top place this summer! But lets go back to the routine. For a calm weekday morning, even a small intention of wearing lace seems to be so refreshing! This vintage laced shirt absolutely rocked the scene, as well as classical felt hat, free-spirited printed pants from H&M and sleeveless brown tee from Topshop. These days were so  harsh, because the exam time has come. Moreover, I've finally finished my project for graphic design and I can share with you my final piece of work. Hallelujah, ladies and gents! :D In addition, this pale pink collage with a bunch of pastel stuff open a tiny bit of the enormous work. The venture of doing everything in the last minute has always some consequences and I took a risk to proove it, but hopefully everything is done and now I can leave my sketchbook far far away!


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