Jun 10, 2011


Woo hello there and I'm back from the glorious paradise. This couple of days in Italia has passed fleetingly, although overendowed with taste of italian grissini, scent of lanvin with a charm of warm tickling magnolia' blossom and ofcourse love of my dear family. My precious knowledge of Italy, that I thought wasn't too bad,  was treaded in the ground. Who would thought that Verona is a small world fully separated from strangers. Polished exteriorly pedestrian street with all boutiques  from Gucci to Dolce and Gabbana will feed you with elegance and grace. Overall, I really do believe that Montecchi and Cappelletti were in sober fact, because maybe the feeling of being a part of all this, touching each stone of the Juliet balcony with a thrill, makes you realise the whole reality and presence of this fairytail. Oh lets go on with fairytails, who would thought about Florence as a heritor of the most startling Gothic treasure. The Florence Cathedral faced by the various shades of green and pink as well as bordered by white. This beauty may seen only by the night in your dreams. Venice, Padova and all small country side towns that you will never notice with the naked eye...Everything is floating on the pure italian "bellezza" :) I would definitely want to turn back time to feel the flavour of the hot mocchiatto and long talks with my parents by the night near the vase full of strawberry and black cherry. Belle Italia...


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  1. Im so in love with your holidays photos! Awesome!