Jun 11, 2011

Summer havings

   I couldn't miss a chance of getting something refreshing from being away from the Chichester to amuse myself with bright shades, a brand new Vogue Italia edition and one of the most desired thing recently, YSL Le orange lipstick. Cobalt blue has a leading role on the stage at the moment. Emporio Armani, Prada, Celine, Jason Wu charmed with the magical depth and sensuality of that colour that keeps blowing your mind like a tidal wave of the Pacific ocean. So you can imagine what the shock I had, noticing this stunning a-la-prada striped  maxi hanging on a rail of Zara store. The lemon tailored shirt and the wrapround mazarine suit jacket also fill up the wardrobe with some chic. Surfing the internet in Italy, I found a new Vogue Italia is comming out this month with adorable plus size belles photographed by Steven Meisel, so basically I thought, that a chance of buying this was too small. But guess what, thanks god the airport has anything you are really craving for. :D The same kind of thing happened with this coral YSL honey. In the near future I will present you my new havings in process... Haha it must be great, I swear! :)



  1. Oh gosh, girl, u have such good taste! Every single item is amazing!!!


  2. holy cow, thaaanks Julia!! <3 nice to hear from you this :D