Jul 26, 2011

Let's spatter some colours.

I always find mixing two of my hobbies particularly appealing when represented in a form of fashion illustration. Paris Haute Couture left a big mark on me, so I took on watercolours, paper and pencil to make the impression of Armani Prive collection go to reality. Also I suspect I'm not the only one allured by the japanese leitmotif. Giorgio Armani remained completely faithful to the East, but lets moving on from the collection to the canvas. Honestly speaking, it is not the final piece (and hope I will find some strength to push the matter through) but I could hardly wait to share it with you guys :)

 Another work inspired by Dior Fall 2011 that has stuck in my folder for a few months. I remember oceans of tulle and bouffant satin, as well as lingerie dresses that undescore a shot of killing charm. Consequently, my aim was not to go beyond the sensuality of feminine and the choice of whity-pink was obvious. However, that mossy splash makes the whole vision of that illustration more legible. The portraits of 19th century( the epoch of Lord Byron), ment to be one of the influences for the Dior wizards and particularly for me.

 And a couple of extra  drawings. Don't try to see the aesthetics or art value in these works. I'm an amateur so I'm allowed to make any metamorphosis and transformations with some techniques and mediums :D

New issue of British Vogue on my coffee table make sitting alone at home much more pleasant to me.


  1. ты же понимаешь, что это вполне таки гениальненько ;DD!!!!!! <3333

  2. these look great loving the technique :)
    check out my blog if you have time :)

  3. These paintings are really really good! I've tried my hand at painting and sketching before, and while I'm competent, I'm nowhere as skillful as you are! I just discovered your blog, and I adore it!