Jul 8, 2011

The metropolis

 A bit outdated occasion. However, it's never too late to share your good vibes about the habitat of dear old Big Ben. :D A few weeks ago we went to London, waiting for that every single minute, because literally the whole june was such a big waste of time, swallowing up you up to the hilt. Therefore, from 9 am and far into the night, greedily grasping everything that was around us, we were trying to fill a big black hole, formed right aftter those blank three weeks in Chichester haha :D
 Put everything in one day is impossible, especially for such a big metropolis. For this reason we decided to stay with three main points of our made up draft. Wanted to visit for such a long long time, the Tate Modern museum; one of the biggest must-haves in london, shopping or just simple ramble around the Oxford Street; and ofcourse there is no way around walking down a few undescovered  small streets of London if you don't have enough money for any transport. "Exhausted" wasn't a right word for us, as we were barley trying not to fall on the warm pavement. Seriously, have you ever tried to walk off your feet for 10 hours? But anyway, the pack of inspiration and charm, came straight into us. Everything radiate a prim fashion , from tred public call box till beautifully stylish and luminous people. London worked its chic, delicate magic for us and I swear, that in the nearest time we will be there, whirling in a spin of city life, which simply blow your head off. 

 Crossed my fingers for that building, ladies and gents. :D

I love Zhenya's denim second hand jacket.


A tiny lunch break. But don't think that it was the end. Marvelous pizza form Pizza hut at 10 pm was essential for us. :D

Abstract expressionism in terms of Jackson Pollock. A good lift and pride when you see something you wanted to look on.

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  1. I'm sooooooo jealous!!!! In good way of course!!!
    So happy for you girls that you finally made it!!