Jul 7, 2011

No limit to perfection

Genuine purity is concealing plenty of erotic and passion, you don't even need to carry to extremes. A mere glance at this cover is enough to convince any one of a shot of white charm. Really, what could be more sexual than natural look without any radiant make-up on you.The truth is that the best cosmetics is hiding in a heritage of our Dame Nature, my dear fellows. Crystal luminous face, washed by the high-voltage splashes of salt ocean and dried by the spanking breeze. The image which in a clap popped into my head, when I came out from the water. Just look at you, you are perfect. Pure and white sophistication. Maybe that is why the whole selection of this editorials by the three Swedish starlets shooted by Kai Z Feng, caught my attention. And remember, there is no limit to perfection. 


P.S. Sorry for such a long break, but hope I will catch up. I have soo many to share with you guys. :))

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