Jul 24, 2011

Paris Flora and Fauna

Lets indulge ourselves in a portly walk down the street of the current hot point on the horizon of fashion. The entire fashion week, starting from the backstage or front row and finishing with an open air, is a full and highly concentrated cocktail of style, beauty and eccentric. The cream of Big League, the golden beau monde, messing around the city, taken all round seem like a miraculously charming and wild at the same time jungle with its  finest pieces of flora and fauna. In addition, importunate flashes of the photocamera is all around you, well hell yes, you better be careful. Once you put the Givenchy dress on you with a fabulous pair of shoes from the Pierre Hardy, take a snakeskin handbag from Chloe and spice it with a daisy fluffy tressed on the one side hairdo and voila, you will be straight away spotted by the score of onlookers, reporters and amateur photographers. Surely, everyone wants to know what is Anna Dello Russo or Daphne Guinness going to wear on the certain fashion show or how will Karlie Kloss look top-to-toe after another exhausting catwalk. Looking at the Paris rush hours comprising Paris Haute Couture and Paris Spring 2012 Menswear, mixing some other street looks, I would rather share my favourites with you guys, so enjoy the wild life of tameless street glory.

Anja Rubik opting out of society is a gothic perfection. No colour in here, but there is no doubt lace spliced with chiffon shine brighter than any dress on that street.

Jackson Pollock take on a contremporary spin with fluoro picasso-worthy contrast. Elena Perminova absolutely rocked it with triangle necklace.

I'm still fallen for the whole west thing in terms of tribal prints etc. Indeed I want this backpack!

God, can anyone tell me who the hell is she? Impeccable appereance. Love.

Olivia Palmero and Johannes Huebl are in principle meant to be a good combo.


P.S. mark my words but if I would have not a glorious time with a camera in my pocket, I will be shooting all Anna's and Freja's on the street like Tommy Ton :D

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