Jul 9, 2011

Spill of recklessness

Pardon mom, don't try to judge me for my hump. I know, I need to stay straight and I'm utterly trying to keep my  back vertically, like I have a core, which helps me to carry myself well. Anyways, another pretty wonderful day of my laidback summer holidays. Walking down sandy beach, the painterly scenery twists you around finger and compels you to immerse yourself in a wispy fantasy. High updo and quite chunky maxi with hotpink cardigan was such a fresh approach and a small spill of recklessness that hit the unused canvas serenity of our seaside. And finishing the whole atmosphere with the last stroke of the fantastic dinner and ofcourse this rebel muse of mine on the last photo. :D Oh wait a minute...I think something is bearing in my mind at the moment. Woo I should follow the scent of inspiration before it's too late...Don't want to tease you, guys :D


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