Jul 9, 2011


Well, have you ever had a chance of visiting Riga(Latvia) in terms of a healthy shopping? Every single native local person will say that you will not going to be crowned with success, because I'm afraid, there are no more good shops than in an average small english town. However, the small bright light is showing up on the temple of high street fashion. Occasional visit of this place, due to absence in my rural place of residence, turns every single purchase into the event of the day. Sounds so silly, but you can blame it on the lack of really good shops. :D I love Zara for keeping up with anything that go straight from the runway into your must-have list. You don't even need to go beyond your budget. Citrus prints by Stella McCartney, wide shirts and longslivs, trousers with arrows from Celine or starry variations form the Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2011? You get to choose. With an assertive walk, I went there a few days ago and guess what, I found this gorgeous handbag. Also there are some photos with quite sunny refreshing look with long-time craving combination of beidge and lemon. Hope you like it and try to keep the summer sun in your mind even if there is something lousy in your life at the moment. Peace :)


Buon giorno, modelka :D


  1. great post! love the bag!
    would love for you to check out my blog!

  2. love the bag! really liking your blog :)