Oct 26, 2011

We will never yield!

   By taking a glance at my existenece over the past few months, it led me to think ...You will not probably believe me, but there are certain dreadful conditions that soak you up, without any intention to set free and under these terrifying consequences either fall I. Now picture this, even all the habitual things that usually gives you joy and life satisfaction have been covered for me all in dull colours like a thin haze from the smouldering ashes veiled my whole view. Stop blogging wasn't my straight decision, it was my state of mind. Although I knew I would betray my dreams for a little while but I wasn't be able to bring myself to anything and my mind was rejecting any effort to pull myself together. The same thing with information I was barely trying to evaluate and store, but the attempt was morally bound to fail.
    All the glow of the past joys were hidden from me like someone has drawn thick blinds. And sitting in the dark cramped room of my own ego, I was thinking and evaluating my present. Don't try to understand but my winter sleeping had started a bit earlier than usual. In any way, you can easily breath out and say a big "phheeeww" because I will not going to throw out all the trash on you. Problems of such a cast are simply and literally non-hearable, otherwise you will have a "brain bust". To summarise all the wordy mess above, I want to underline two things for you.
   Firstly, no matter what is happening and no matter how tough is it, you must seek for a deep-seated energy and power to restart yourself. It is not that easy tho, it is not all about pressing one button on the keyboard. Nevertheless, those who seek will find just make yourslef believed in a better day. But well, okay, while we are there let's face it, in some case it is not enough to restart. Let the thing burning in the mind go in peace and move along even if it is a big piece of your usual life. We are burying our life and making it scanty (without knowing it) by putting ourselves within the bounds. So try to experiment,  change yourself,  be better,  be creative, develop your skills and never stop, because there might be no second chances at all. 
    The second thing is smoothly flowing out from the first one. All the bad times are gone and I've found something there to get on my feet and go ahead in the right direction of my dreams, aims and desires. The divine light from nowehere illuminates with new colours as if it was lighted up through the stained glass. Apparently I'm going with the stream, but the difference with now and then is that I know the direction and which stream is it.

Bags of new thoughts, reviews, pictures and other yum-yum things are waiting for you and I cannot stand to hide this from you, guys, anymore. The rush came back to life, just stay tuned :)