Nov 19, 2011

The fallen angel

An angle coming down from heaven, perhaps in a literal way. A mere glance on the latest collection by the Victoria's Secrets should be pretty enough to convince yourself in the divine nature of all of the angel-like creatures pacing down the catwalk. Meanwhile, Candice the-work-of-god Swanepoel shines goldenly like she just has been dropped from the clouds into the wild,  in the latest fall '11 ad campaign for Rag and Bone. The snaps were seeking to capture the candid atmosphere, just like it is meant to be.

The slight after dawn gauze and frizzy blond hair after the sea salt conditioning make me wonder, who will not catch the want-to-be-there-now weakness in the legs?
It is almost December. I even saw a Christmas tree set in the middle of the town but what is more amusing, guess what,  I've already ate a few mince pies which means that Christmas is coming at full speed. For that reason, wrapping up into the warmest fall-is-knocking goodies may be the default way to winterize yourself before the harsh december cold  is nearly there but what can be more effective, than bring back some bright muggy summer days even though it is a bunch of photos. So that is it what makes the every single casual Rag and Bone ad photo so refreshingly special.

Like a swallow of the salty sea breeze, it will not going to let you pass the old summer days by from your memory.

Nov 14, 2011

Que Vive KENZO!

You can't help but be dazzled by the smashing approach of the Antonio Marras who was literally not afraid of picking up on the Latin America Bohema. He summoned his muse, Frida Kahlo, the legendary avant-garde Mexican artist, whose off-the-wall sense has no need of representation. True to form, the fashion's great romantic Marras, the jack-of-all trades, sent out the gowns without literal costumery feel. He explored the feeling of the Mexican art and culture through the range of demonstrating floral, plaid, paisley and other prints as well as teamed everything with the right shades of olive or mahogany brownish. 
   Dark evocative colours balancing with mosaics of fabrics and motifs that introduce the Día de los Muertos glory in an unvarnished kind of way. The pride of opulence goes to the bronze beaded prints, blood-red rose prints or fluid trouser suit with gold embroidery,  for a thick and luxurious Mexican folk 'n' art mix.
   If the choice were set upon the eccentric charm and free use of dark boho or coppery palette of colours, and was meant to peak a hallmark of both label and its creative director, Kenzo succeeded in it.