Dec 26, 2011

à la française

You never know the amount of inspiration that a small cafe can bring to you. In our situation, we have really hit the spot. It was the place, I was dreaming for such a long time. Cramped but extremely cosy room that  makes you fall into the enormous bliss. Everything, from the vintage styled interior with its bohème twist to the laid-back atmosphere, was a good reason to stay there for the rest of your life or at least for a few hours. I couldn't resist of treating all the photos all alike, because how could you put for instance chic small-talk with a cup of coffee and the Byronesque ellegance against the Gobelin all together? That's why you could notice quite big diversity of the photos below.
Thanks to my lovely girls, we made a few great shots, as well as enjoyed the great winter evening together.
A cup of strong coffee, fresh croissant and genial company; sounds a bit à la française, doesn't it?

P.s. I will share with you my latest photos from Zenit, so stay tuned... :)




  1. девчёёёёёёнки!!! вы ШИКАРНЫ!!!!!

  2. wow awesome !girl on the last photo looks like armenian

  3. actually, she is :D thank you xx