Jul 18, 2012

Are you enjoying the summer? Hope you do. Sharing with you my latest collaboration with my sweet Nika. As you have noticed, I am wearing that sexy necklace, one of the essentials of the summer.
They are now available online on MERMAIDS TREASURE. Contact me or Nika via email or in the comments below if you want to buy those cute trendy sweeties.

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May 9, 2012

Marte Mei van Huster, Proenza Schouler.
Karlina Caune, Stella McCartney.
Maja Salamon, Balenciaga.
Josefien Roderman, Cacharel.
Magda Laguinge, Givenchy.
Lara Mullen, Fendi.
Marie Piovesan, Marc Jacobs.

The triumph of fresh newcomers during the AW12 season. The androgynyous elegance of Marte Mei van Huster and the love child of Freja and Arizona, Josefien Roderman. Also, another latvian beauty started her glorious career on the world's biggest runways, Karlina Caune. Sorry, Ginta, but there is another girl who are claiming the throne. Magda Laguinge, a sort of a gothic dark look with the mismirizing wide eyes. She is a perfect Givenchy girl. Favourite magenta rosy lady, Marie Piovesan, the culminating look from Marc Jacobs. Great attitude and such a big honour.

May 4, 2012

A window to the future.

While doing my graphic design project, trying not to forget about the blog.
Design process.
Inspired by the works of Giorgio De Chirico and COS S/S12 campaign.

May 1, 2012

"Answers come in dream" with Fake Nika

My photographs are so rare, that I could hardly think of what I was shooting last time, actually. During my holidays, together with my lovely Nika, we've took a few shots.

You know that feeling, when you see a sort of a dream and everything is so perfect and so fine, although it's covered by the light veil. You are there, but you don't actually belong to it. You can't touch it, you can't manipulate it. You just standing there and watching.

Thank you for the marvelous day. 

Vogue Festival 2012. Part 2

   The place was brilliant. It was a pity, that I couldn't walk around much, because the timetable for all the interviews and discussions was quite strict. Seeing all the famous editorials on the walls, was a sort of a decoration, that make you jumping out of your pants even more. White, everything was white, with medieval painting on the wall ( it was not for nothing that they chose the Royal Geographical society), the big bouquets of pink flowers were everywhere around the space.
   Don't want to talk about the canteen much, because in that case I would write a two-page article. But oh sweet baby jesus, the food was incredible there, not looking on a prices though. And you see that vogue ribbon. I promise, I would keep it forever as a souvenir :D
   Also there were three makeover stands.You could have a great tutorial of perfect smoky eyes with top Armani make-up artist , also there were beauty-industry experts who were giving you advices of red lipstick that suit your skin tone.  And the third one was fast reinvigoration of your look by the influential hair colourist and hairdresser Josh Wood. Cool, huh?
   I think, that the whole event was a great idea for all the fashionistas, who wants to be a part of that industry in the future. Inspiration, knowledge and great atmosphere...I would prefer stay in that fairytale forever.

Vogue Festival 2012. Part 1

 Tom Ford, designer and the film director, in conversation with Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman.

   Even from the outskirt of the fabulous theatre hall, I could see his perfect prim suit. Tom Ford is in his 50s, but still looks damn good. After a several straight-forward questions about his background, the atmosphere went to even more welcoming. "In fact I'm very shy"- said Tom Ford on his appearance in many of his own advertising. "I'm the face of the brand. With Chanel, you feel that Karl Lagerfeld's personality has really melded with Coco's -  but not everyone knows yet who I am, so that's why I'm in the pictures. I don't like having my picture taken but it helps people to respond,..". Also describing his work as a fashion designer, he notes that his concept is more "couture-like", the ageless classics that will stay forever..
Read the full coverage of the talk on Vogue.com

Apr 21, 2012

First time writing post from the Iphone, just because I'm too excited to share it with you, guys :) Vogue Festival is going to be epic. Stay tuned for more photos!


Apr 13, 2012


Sometimes a brilliant tailoring is way better than plenty of sophisticated details, prints or garish colours. When it comes to the minimalism, I am always there. But when it is spiced with almost architectural tailoring, then I would spend a fortune on that.

The COS lookbook was ideal from each angle. The marine palette, the sculptural padded sweaters or these cropped printed pants. The nurses of the future. Clean look, yet futuristic silhouette. 
Full hit!

Apr 10, 2012

One, two and it's done!

Ginta Lapina for Vogue Russia. How amusing to know that this magenta pink headwear is actually a simple wool hat from American Apparel and white veil. Just as good as Nina Ricci one, for sure.

I loooove flipping through the new magazine, thinking of things, I could cut out and lay one one another one. The collage is one of the easiest way for me to show something, that inspires me from the different angles. Sure, pencils, watercolours and so on are a good way, but still, it is very time consuming. 
The style of such a rough collage technique was inspired by the incredible contemporary artist Romeu Silveira,  whose works, I've seen recently on models.com.
So here you are. One, two and here it is.

Mar 26, 2012

Ballet Russes

The heeled version of the pointe-shoes by Christian Dior.
Ready-To-Wear, fw 12, details.

Mar 22, 2012

Kate's couture

 Vogue USA decided to roll out the big guns, in other words creme de la creme of the fashion industry teamed up in this exuberant couture editorial. Kate Moss in the Vogue USA Apriel, photographed by sir Tim Walker and styled by Grace Coddington in the place we are all craving to spend at least one heaven moment.

  The royal splendor of the Ritz.
Breathtaking shots.
Chanel packages.

  The green was actually that grassy green and the blue was literaly that cyan blue. Mary Kantrantzou's genius went to the basics of the children colouring book. Moreover, those crayons on the invitation card were sort of a heck.
      Before the actual show started, there was a true catwalk happening right infront of the Topshop Venue. Katrantzou won over a coterie of fans from the fashion world. The flower field prints from the s/s 12 collection were seen all over the place.
   There was this sense of humour married to her signature hourglass silhouettes and jaw-dropping prints. But who doesn't need a slight change? She decided to go to extremes and embrace the everyday objects like HB pencils(like literal pencils) or typewriter motifs, which was an exuberant kookiness, indeed.
Want to know where the heart of London's extraordinary talent lies? Well, here you are...
After an hour of patience, standing right infront of the backstage doors, I was lucky to see all the runway clothes carrying out of the building and god bless those people who didn't kick me out. It was better then the front row and all the off-killer embroidery and prints where right infront of me.

Mar 16, 2012

It is sleek...and fresh...and what else? sporty....Or maybe not, not that sporty as we all used to see on the flying start. It has the chic silhouette and sophistication in it. From the Stella Mccartney' extravagant version of the tennis dress, to the sporty jumpers and neon hues, mixed with trendy pastel that was seen on Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Rag and Bones, Prada... Pleated skirts, clean tailoring... like a breath of fresh air.

Olimpics took the turn to rule the world for a moment and the world of fashion is not an exception. Being in tune with the flow, feel the freedom and breeze of the look. At least, you would have an excuse to wear those pretty Isabel Marant sneaker wedges, that so many fashion people finding annoying, because of the frequency of showing up on the various street style photos. However, I find them utterly...hate this word but...cute. You could check out the low priced version on Asos or Topshop.

  So the thing is that it is your ready-steady-go moment and don't miss a chance to try it. :)

Mar 2, 2012

bye bye Raf

Raf Simons is truly an icon of modernism. His adoration of line and proportion... oh sweet baby jesus such a big loss for Jil Sander, I can't even describe indeed. But the rule is that while leaving you should keep your head high and he did it without a doubt. Yes, this collection was his "golden", regarding all the previous. It was his final triumph chords, the crowd was encoring.
That melancholic flow of the Dior's New Look and purity, a tear that was rolling down the face... He really loved his work and loved that brand. The cocoon coats in camellia pink and flowers cased under the glass that was sort of an allusion to the immortal glory and the end of "the couture trilogy" that will stay forever... 

The least thing that I wanted to do is to baldly post the catwalk snaps, because the inspiration I've felt after watching it was undescribable. So now here is my own view on the Jil Sander F/W 12' collection. The delicacy of the silhouettes are took on the poncey yet refined rococo epoque. Lyric and profound...

Hope you like this experiment.

So tender.
Listen and enjoy.
Sonic Youth -Superstar

Feb 23, 2012


 9:00- Mary Katrantzou
12:00- Holly Fulton
14:00- Meadham Kirchhoff

Here it is, what we call a small surpise for all of you. A few latest candids from LFW. 
An extraordinary experience I've never had in my life before.