Jan 11, 2012

Somewhere in time

    Beautiful scenery of the frozen land, that holds its secrets  in the breathless gauze. The life goes by in the endless races, where you need to tear apart and go through the wilds for a winning place. But in that place, somewhere you would love to get lost forever, somewhere in time, where the minutes are slowed down, barely flowing into the hours, you couldn't think of breaking the motionless idyl of the frozen neverland. Just breath the cold, merging with the enigma.
    Sure, something from the war 40s... The cocoa with milk is a beautiful hue, that could be neutral and chic at the same time. This coat would definitely be my essential during the english gloomy times.

 Cheers to FakeNika, who took these magical photos :)xx

Jan 2, 2012


 It was  such a long time since I took the zenit to make some good pictures. The holidays are almost over but I could say that pretty good amount of photos left afterwards. Thanks to my sweethearts who were patiently posing for me during the cold but not that so much snowy time. But it is not an end, I also have something for you in pocket left... Not trying to be annoying, I am not here to write long novels about every single photo I took. Just want to mark that I will not going to give up with zenit, because the experience of deep patience and appreciation of every single frame is irreplaceable.

Not the first and not the last photo of my sweetheart. She is a pure hurricane of passion, grace and individuality for me. I can't wait to already come back to Riga and create something cool with her. :)

Meeting her was unexpected but one of the greatest experiences last year. Lusty cheers to Fake nika, ladies and gents, with her intelligence, good taste as well as outstanding personality, that completely put a spell on me.