Feb 13, 2012

Feel the rhythm of the Charlestone...

 1920s is back! Take another glass of cold gin and feel the move in time of the lively dance steps. How incredible is that... Even now,  being stuck on the replay button of the several music composition of that époque, I would sell my soul to spend the glittering evening there, dancing till the dawn, swinging in the beautiful garment decorated with the beaded fringes, emphasizing the movement. There were no boundaries in the life full of pleasures in those times, however, the morals remained. 

Personally, this risen trend of the charlestone era was one of the most pleasant surprises of the s/s 12'. There were no better period concerning the feminine power. 1920s were those beautiful times, when woman left her home with the pursuit of independent life. She wanted the freedom and she obtained it, regardless all the strict moral principles. The youthful and boyish style was an act of the equal rights. Women cracked a window and look at the vogue from the new androgynous perspective or la garconne look( very antithesis of the romantic style).
The bobbed hair and the effort to look as much like boys, made it almost impossible to distinguish an adult women from the schoolboy, except her rouged lips and kohl penciled eyebrows, simple as that. What about their curves, the silhouette made an attempt to be boyish and the waistline dropped round the hips.

 Designers took the delight in creating those shimmering frocks. You could notice the renovation of the classical looks on the forefront of the fashion stream. Conforming the dazzling fleur, couturiers made an attempt to present all the shimmering silk trimmed with ribbons, furs, sequins and beaded flowers...glamour with a capital "G".

So why should you not dare to fall into the la garconne époque all the more so, because the opportunity to transform the 20' grace from the precious costumery way to the more modernist is right in front of you. 

Bring the atmosphere and show what does the "all that jazz" mean. But to be going on with, lets start from the Jasophine Barker dance steps, that would probably help you...and then lets the party begins.

(Gucci, Marni, Pedro Lourenco, Marc Jacobs, Alberta Ferretti, Etro, Marchesa, Oscar De La Renta...)

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