Feb 16, 2012


    I know, it is simply a plagiarism, but I couldn't resist of not posting those shots here. Current street styles from New York a/w12' fashion week. It was cold there, not kidding, it was freezingly cold. However, the denim washed blazers and three-quarter sleeves were still welcomed.
   Also probably the do-or-die thing is not wearing tights.  Wear pants or make a sucrfice...a beautiful sucrifice. Isn't that terribly chic, showing your legs in all it's glory, when the tempirature is merely trying to reach a zero. The neon citrine socks, stilletos and richly printed "warming" midi definitely one of my biggest favourites.
   Furry fur is also there. God, how I adore those yetti sort of coats, rocking by several glam chicks like Frida. Don't matter what colour it would be, just try it on and preferably the 60s cat-eyes and the high updo or franch tail...do not overload with hairy covering though.
   We had hardly said goodbye to the previous season, before the next one arrived in a blink of an eye. You could feel the slight breeze of the spring tidal wave, only looking at the silhouettes, colours and prints. Sky blue mohair jacket and crispy white... it always good to match those too.

   Street style throught the lense of Tommy Ton is always represent at its best. It gives the aura of the look a chance to flash inpiration right infront of you. But no doubts, you should better see it in the real life... No more words. I'm off.

(c) Tommy Ton (style.com)

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