Mar 2, 2012

bye bye Raf

Raf Simons is truly an icon of modernism. His adoration of line and proportion... oh sweet baby jesus such a big loss for Jil Sander, I can't even describe indeed. But the rule is that while leaving you should keep your head high and he did it without a doubt. Yes, this collection was his "golden", regarding all the previous. It was his final triumph chords, the crowd was encoring.
That melancholic flow of the Dior's New Look and purity, a tear that was rolling down the face... He really loved his work and loved that brand. The cocoon coats in camellia pink and flowers cased under the glass that was sort of an allusion to the immortal glory and the end of "the couture trilogy" that will stay forever... 

The least thing that I wanted to do is to baldly post the catwalk snaps, because the inspiration I've felt after watching it was undescribable. So now here is my own view on the Jil Sander F/W 12' collection. The delicacy of the silhouettes are took on the poncey yet refined rococo epoque. Lyric and profound...

Hope you like this experiment.

So tender.
Listen and enjoy.
Sonic Youth -Superstar

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  1. Лиана, ЭТО ГЕНИАЛЬНО!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!