Mar 22, 2012

  The green was actually that grassy green and the blue was literaly that cyan blue. Mary Kantrantzou's genius went to the basics of the children colouring book. Moreover, those crayons on the invitation card were sort of a heck.
      Before the actual show started, there was a true catwalk happening right infront of the Topshop Venue. Katrantzou won over a coterie of fans from the fashion world. The flower field prints from the s/s 12 collection were seen all over the place.
   There was this sense of humour married to her signature hourglass silhouettes and jaw-dropping prints. But who doesn't need a slight change? She decided to go to extremes and embrace the everyday objects like HB pencils(like literal pencils) or typewriter motifs, which was an exuberant kookiness, indeed.
Want to know where the heart of London's extraordinary talent lies? Well, here you are...
After an hour of patience, standing right infront of the backstage doors, I was lucky to see all the runway clothes carrying out of the building and god bless those people who didn't kick me out. It was better then the front row and all the off-killer embroidery and prints where right infront of me.

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