Mar 16, 2012

It is sleek...and fresh...and what else? sporty....Or maybe not, not that sporty as we all used to see on the flying start. It has the chic silhouette and sophistication in it. From the Stella Mccartney' extravagant version of the tennis dress, to the sporty jumpers and neon hues, mixed with trendy pastel that was seen on Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Rag and Bones, Prada... Pleated skirts, clean tailoring... like a breath of fresh air.

Olimpics took the turn to rule the world for a moment and the world of fashion is not an exception. Being in tune with the flow, feel the freedom and breeze of the look. At least, you would have an excuse to wear those pretty Isabel Marant sneaker wedges, that so many fashion people finding annoying, because of the frequency of showing up on the various street style photos. However, I find them utterly...hate this word but...cute. You could check out the low priced version on Asos or Topshop.

  So the thing is that it is your ready-steady-go moment and don't miss a chance to try it. :)

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