Apr 21, 2012

First time writing post from the Iphone, just because I'm too excited to share it with you, guys :) Vogue Festival is going to be epic. Stay tuned for more photos!


Apr 13, 2012


Sometimes a brilliant tailoring is way better than plenty of sophisticated details, prints or garish colours. When it comes to the minimalism, I am always there. But when it is spiced with almost architectural tailoring, then I would spend a fortune on that.

The COS lookbook was ideal from each angle. The marine palette, the sculptural padded sweaters or these cropped printed pants. The nurses of the future. Clean look, yet futuristic silhouette. 
Full hit!

Apr 10, 2012

One, two and it's done!

Ginta Lapina for Vogue Russia. How amusing to know that this magenta pink headwear is actually a simple wool hat from American Apparel and white veil. Just as good as Nina Ricci one, for sure.

I loooove flipping through the new magazine, thinking of things, I could cut out and lay one one another one. The collage is one of the easiest way for me to show something, that inspires me from the different angles. Sure, pencils, watercolours and so on are a good way, but still, it is very time consuming. 
The style of such a rough collage technique was inspired by the incredible contemporary artist Romeu Silveira,  whose works, I've seen recently on models.com.
So here you are. One, two and here it is.