May 9, 2012

Marte Mei van Huster, Proenza Schouler.
Karlina Caune, Stella McCartney.
Maja Salamon, Balenciaga.
Josefien Roderman, Cacharel.
Magda Laguinge, Givenchy.
Lara Mullen, Fendi.
Marie Piovesan, Marc Jacobs.

The triumph of fresh newcomers during the AW12 season. The androgynyous elegance of Marte Mei van Huster and the love child of Freja and Arizona, Josefien Roderman. Also, another latvian beauty started her glorious career on the world's biggest runways, Karlina Caune. Sorry, Ginta, but there is another girl who are claiming the throne. Magda Laguinge, a sort of a gothic dark look with the mismirizing wide eyes. She is a perfect Givenchy girl. Favourite magenta rosy lady, Marie Piovesan, the culminating look from Marc Jacobs. Great attitude and such a big honour.

May 4, 2012

A window to the future.

While doing my graphic design project, trying not to forget about the blog.
Design process.
Inspired by the works of Giorgio De Chirico and COS S/S12 campaign.

May 1, 2012

"Answers come in dream" with Fake Nika

My photographs are so rare, that I could hardly think of what I was shooting last time, actually. During my holidays, together with my lovely Nika, we've took a few shots.

You know that feeling, when you see a sort of a dream and everything is so perfect and so fine, although it's covered by the light veil. You are there, but you don't actually belong to it. You can't touch it, you can't manipulate it. You just standing there and watching.

Thank you for the marvelous day. 

Vogue Festival 2012. Part 2

   The place was brilliant. It was a pity, that I couldn't walk around much, because the timetable for all the interviews and discussions was quite strict. Seeing all the famous editorials on the walls, was a sort of a decoration, that make you jumping out of your pants even more. White, everything was white, with medieval painting on the wall ( it was not for nothing that they chose the Royal Geographical society), the big bouquets of pink flowers were everywhere around the space.
   Don't want to talk about the canteen much, because in that case I would write a two-page article. But oh sweet baby jesus, the food was incredible there, not looking on a prices though. And you see that vogue ribbon. I promise, I would keep it forever as a souvenir :D
   Also there were three makeover stands.You could have a great tutorial of perfect smoky eyes with top Armani make-up artist , also there were beauty-industry experts who were giving you advices of red lipstick that suit your skin tone.  And the third one was fast reinvigoration of your look by the influential hair colourist and hairdresser Josh Wood. Cool, huh?
   I think, that the whole event was a great idea for all the fashionistas, who wants to be a part of that industry in the future. Inspiration, knowledge and great atmosphere...I would prefer stay in that fairytale forever.

Vogue Festival 2012. Part 1

 Tom Ford, designer and the film director, in conversation with Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman.

   Even from the outskirt of the fabulous theatre hall, I could see his perfect prim suit. Tom Ford is in his 50s, but still looks damn good. After a several straight-forward questions about his background, the atmosphere went to even more welcoming. "In fact I'm very shy"- said Tom Ford on his appearance in many of his own advertising. "I'm the face of the brand. With Chanel, you feel that Karl Lagerfeld's personality has really melded with Coco's -  but not everyone knows yet who I am, so that's why I'm in the pictures. I don't like having my picture taken but it helps people to respond,..". Also describing his work as a fashion designer, he notes that his concept is more "couture-like", the ageless classics that will stay forever..
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